Our Curriculum

Our team helps students set up their Academic Plan to reflect their strengths, opportunities, interests, and future goals. Students have access to middle school, honors, electives and world languages, Advanced Placement®, and Dual Enrollment courses.

An Accredited School Offering 300+ Courses

Students benefit from an accredited education with a diverse catalog of online course offerings including middle school, college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement® (AP), and Dual Enrollment. Our school’s accreditation gives parents peace of mind knowing their student’s transcripts will be recognized by other educational institutions.

Creating Future-Ready Students

While developing each student’s Personalized Learning Plan, our Education Team reviews transcripts and assessments, and discusses the student’s interests and future goals. This informs the creation of an Academic Plan with courses that meet the student’s needs and put them on the path to achieving their future goals.

Students develop a sense of ownership and responsibility over their education when they are given the opportunity to be a part of the course selection process.

A lifelong love of learning is ignited when a student can enroll in courses that connect to their interests and future goals.

When students can do their coursework at a pace that is comfortable to them, they build confidence in their abilities.

With teachers and Academic Coaches as mentors, students are encouraged to be curious, think critically, and develop mastery over the subjects they’re learning.

Supplemental resources and course modifications are available in order to meet students where they are in a specific subject.

Core Curriculum

Our online curriculum allows the flexibility for students to work at their own levels, no matter their age. A middle school student who wants to progress faster than is typical in math, for example, can take courses at the high school level. Our Academic Coaches work with each individual student to choose from a wide-range of courses to develop the best Academic Plan for them based on their strengths, opportunities, interests, and future goals.


Electives for Every Career Pathway

From Psychology to Basic Web Design, Journalism, and Personal Fitness, our course catalog has elective courses that get everyone excited! Our elective courses give students the opportunity to dive deeper into a subject of interest and work with their Academic Coach to create an Academic Plan that puts them on a pathway to achieving their future goals. Don’t see an elective that works for you? We may be able to develop something based on your child’s specific interests.


Honors Courses

For high-achieving students, Holston Academy offers a diverse array of honors courses. These courses fulfill essential graduation requirements in English, History, Math, and Science and cultivate a more challenging academic environment, fostering intellectual growth and academic achievement.


Advanced Placement® (AP®) Courses

Students can select from a wide range of Advanced Placement® courses, allowing them to get ahead by earning college credits in high school. Our robust AP® course selection includes core courses, electives, and world languages. When you sign up for any of our AP® courses, we include access to Shmoop’s AP® Test Prep, an online resource that offers diagnostic exams, reviews, drills, and practice tests to help students excel in courses and prepare for the AP® exam.


Dual Enrollment

Through our partnership with Arizona State University, Holston Academy students are able to accelerate their education by taking college credit through Dual Enrollment (DE) courses. These courses are accredited and credits may be transferred to other institutions.


Courses for Every Student, At Every Stage

Dive Deeper into Specialized Topics: Our Curriculum Partners

Courses from our Specialty Partners allow Holston students to dive deeper into subjects they’re passionate about while having these courses recognized on their transcripts through our accreditation.

Students can explore an area of interest while earning credits toward graduation

Transcripts become truly custom with unique courses that provide students with an edge when applying to colleges

Students benefit from direct live instruction and peer interaction in Specialty Courses

Get Lit

Discover the works of celebrated poets. See the people they were. Learn from what they say, and how they say it. Then, explore ways to use your own voice.

2Sigma School

Learn advanced computer science from experts with years of training. Our 2Sigma School curriculum is rigorous, adaptive, and highly engaging.


Students excited about sports and technology can discover the software that professional athletes rely on for real-time sports data analysis, guided by seasoned instructors who are experts in their field.


Choose from a selection of 15 languages and enjoy personalized one-on-one instruction with a skilled instructor. Instruction is custom-tailored to cater to each student’s specific learning preferences.

Imagine Etiquette

Students can explore programs that promote social-emotional learning combined with etiquette and leadership training.


ChiWonder offers a project-based curriculum specially crafted for students learning Mandarin in one-to-one virtual meetings with the instructor.

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