Upper School at Holston Academy

Through partnership with their Education Team and the unique opportunities available to them, Holston Academy Upper School students work hard to prepare for life after graduation and their future goals.

Preparing Students for College, Careers, and Beyond

The teenage years are a time to give students more ownership over their education as they begin to define who they are and how they see their future. Holston Academy’s student-centered model of education pairs Upper School students with online educators who act as mentors, helping students build a Personalized Learning Plan to support their future goals, and develop future-ready skills to prepare them for life after graduation.

  • Flexibility that allows students to complete online school work at their own pace and pursue outside interests
  • A course catalog with 300+ online courses to choose from provides options for every interest and type of learner
  • Support from an Academic Coach and teachers who are subject-matter experts creates a caring and supportive environment
  • A Personalized Learning Plan aligned to their future goals is a critical piece of our student-centered model of education

A School Designed Around Your Future

Holston Academy Upper School students begin their high school years working with their Academic Coach to recognize their personal strengths and talents and develop goals for their future. Our catalog of more than 300 online courses allows students to explore interests and potential career paths through electives and build an Academic Plan that supports their future goals. Near-peer counselor mentors partner with Upper School students to support the college application and admissions process.


Setting Expectations for Upper School

Academic Coach Mentorship

Our Academic Coaches are viewed as mentors who get to know their students’ academic strengths, challenges, interests, and goals. During their first meeting, they work together to build their Personalized Learning Plan, which will be used as a roadmap to success for the school year. Through coaching techniques and tools provided in the Personalized Learning Plan, Academic Coaches help students foster critical thinking skills, become independent learners, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Teacher Support

Despite students working at their own pace through their online courses, Holston Academy teachers, who are subject matter experts, are available to help them work through content they are stuck on or a topic they find challenging. Teachers grade student work and provide feedback through our Learning Management System, where parents can also log in to review teacher feedback and student progress in their courses.

Near-Peer College Counseling

Students are paired with near-peer counselor mentors who are current college students at top-level schools. They provide college application and essay writing support as well as participate in monthly meetings where topics are covered that set the foundation for college. These topics include: Identifying SMART goals for academics, extracurriculars, and personal goals, academic planning and core academic skills, career exploration, volunteering and community service, making the most out of summer, and professional networking.

Time Management and Parent Involvement

Academic Coaches work with students to help them develop a weekly and daily academic schedule that best fits their lifestyle, learning preferences, and goals. Students in Upper School are encouraged to work independently and use their available resources should they need guidance in their coursework. Typically, 4-6 hours is spent on each course per week, depending on the rigor of the course. Parents should plan to check in with their teachers and review their student’s progress in the Learning Management System on a regular basis.

Course Selection

Your Academic Coach will use your student’s transcript and academic assessments to provide you with an Academic Plan that best meets their academic needs and future goals. Students can select from a wide range of online course options including college-preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement (AP), World Languages, Dual Enrollment, and fun, interest-based electives.


Our student-centered educational approach recognizes that a student may be working ahead in one subject, but need extra support in another. Students needing more support academically can take advantage of our virtual tutoring services, which are included in our tier 2 enrollments or as an add-on by the hour. Tutors partner with students to provide deeper support and coaching through a topic or concept that goes a step further than their teacher support.

Explore Your Future

Graduation Requirements

As a registered California Private school, Holston Academy will award a high school diploma based on the California graduation requirements with alignment to university entry requirements. Holston Academy designates a semester course as 0.5 credit and a full year course as 1.0 credit. Holston’s graduation requirements and transcripts will reflect this course credit designation.

Subject / PathCollege Bound
Social Studies3
World Language2
Visual and Performance Arts1
Physical Education2
*College Bound students should become familiar with the minimum entry requirements for the colleges or universities that they are interested in attending.

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