Tuition at Holston Academy

Students interested in a full-time education, wanting to take one course during a semester or over the summer, or looking for online tutoring support, can find the solutions at Holston Academy.

An Education for Every Type of Learner

Holston Academy believes in a student-centered approach to education that provides each student with the support, flexibility, and tools needed to be successful in their education. Full-time students benefit from access to more than 300 online courses including Middle School, college prep, honors, Advanced Placement® (AP®), and Dual Enrollment. Students work with an Academic Coach to develop their Personalized Learning Plan, and progress through their courses at their own pace with support from their teachers.

Full-Time Tuition

OfferingTier 1Tier 2
AssessmentsNWEA & MindPrintNWEA & MindPrint
Accreditations/ApprovalsTranscripts/Diploma, NCAA-approved courses, UC a-g approved coursesTranscripts/Diploma, NCAA-approved courses, UC a-g approved courses
Curriculum4 Core Courses (English, Math, Science, -Social Studies)
French or Spanish
Phys. Ed. & Health
1 Elective at college prep or honors level
4 Core Courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
French or Spanish
2 Electives at College Prep or Honors Level
2 Advanced Placement® Courses
Enrollment in the AP Capstone™ Program
1 Dual Enrollment Course
Teacher SupportWeekly Check-inWeekly Check-in
Academic Coach SupportMonthly Check-inBi-monthly Check-in
Tutoring Support8 Tutoring Hours Per Semester
Welcome & Onboarding SupportWelcome emails from teachers, next steps onboarding video, getting started resourcesWelcome emails from teachers, next steps onboarding video, getting started resources
Student & Parent ToolsStudent and parent access to learning management system with access to track student progressStudent and parent access to learning management system with access to track student progress
Future Readiness Support
College Counselors work with students to develop their college profile and support the application and admissions process
*Full time semester admissions will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact our Admissions department to inquire.

Part-time Tuition

Students wanting to take single courses with Holston Academy during the school year will be assigned a teacher for support and will receive a transcript upon completion of their coursework. College test prep and tutoring can also be added.

OptionSemesterFull Year
AP® Course w/tutoring*$1,400$2,200
Core Course w/tutoring*$1,150$1,600
AP® Course$1,000$1,600
Core Course$750$1,000
PE and Health$450$600
Test Prep (ACT, SAT, AP®)$750
Tutoring – 1 hour$75 per hour
Tutoring – 4 hours$250
Registration Fee (nonrefundable)$50$50
*8 Hours of tutoring per semester
**Available for Math or English
Courses taken with our partners (2Sigma School, GetLit, Imagine Etiquette, Language Bird, TEAM Inc) may incur additional costs.

Add-Ons for Full-Time Students

Students may add on tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, additional AP® courses & Dual Enrollment, Premier Partner electives, Live World Language instruction, and College Counseling services. Please contact our Admissions department for more information.

Full-time enrollments incur a $200 registration fee and part-time enrollments incur a $50 registration fee. Registration fees are non-refundable.

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