Middle School at Holston Academy

At Holston Academy, middle school students in grades 6 to 8 collaborate with a team of educators to cultivate independence, strong self-advocacy, and prepare for Upper School and their futures.

Preparing Middle Schoolers for Upper School and Beyond

During Middle School, students can explore their personal interests, form their own perspectives on the world, and begin to envision their future paths. Our team of educators collaborates with each student to create a Personalized Learning Plan and equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive when they reach Upper School.

  • Students work with their Academic Coach to create a Personalized Learning Plan aligned with their goals for high school and beyond
  • Teachers grade student work and provide feedback, with parents receiving direct communication and access to the Learning Management System
  • Ongoing mentoring and support from an Academic Coach and teachers who are subject-matter experts
  • Flexibility to allow students to complete school work at their own pace and pursue outside interests

A School Designed to Build Independence

The Middle School years are a critical time in laying the foundation for a student’s future. During this time, it is important to foster interests and cultivate skills that will prepare them for what lies ahead. Holston Academy works with our Middle School students to build the self-confidence to be independent, self-guided learners. Explore more about how our program works.


Setting Expectations for Middle School

Academic Coach and Teacher Mentorship

Students begin to develop future-ready skills during the Middle School years, as they prepare for the transition to Upper School. Academic Coaches act as mentors to our Middle School students, helping to foster a sense of ownership and independence over their education as well as a lifelong love of learning. Teachers provide grading and personalized feedback that encourages students to take pride in their academic accomplishments.

Personalized Learning Plan

Each student’s Personalized Learning Plan is tailored to their academic strengths and opportunities, interests, and future goals. Students in grades 6-8 partner with their Academic Coach to develop a Personalized Learning Plan that focuses on enrolling them in the appropriate courses for their Upper School goals, looks at developing their interests further, and fosters self-confidence and independence in their academic studies.

Courses to Fit Each Student’s Journey

Middle School students can choose from a robust online course catalog that includes fun elective courses in addition to core courses. Students are enrolled in courses based on academic ability and not age or grade level, allowing Middle School students to enroll in Upper School courses if desired.

Explore Your Interests

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