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An Education Designed for Your Student’s Future

Led by a team of educators who put students at the center of their academic journey, each student benefits from our personalized approach to online learning.

A transformative education designed around your student’s future

Your student’s education should meet them where they are, and take them where they want to go. We create a Personalized Learning Plan that aligns with your student’s goals, needs, and abilities. Our extensive course catalog lets your student delve into their interests and build the foundation for their next step.

A flexible approach for every unique learner

Your student can learn at their own pace, the way they want and study when they’re most productive, customizing their schedule so that it makes sense for them. Whether they thrive on their own or do best with one-on-one support, our student-centered approach adapts to fit how they learn best.

A team to support your student every step of the way

Your student will have a team of dedicated teachers, tutors, and an Academic Coach by their side, guiding them on their academic journey and helping them build the skills and confidence to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Accredited, Student-Centered Education

At Holston Academy, families can count on an accredited online education that includes a robust course catalog and support from Academic Coaches and teachers. With a mission to provide a transformative educational experience to all students, we strive to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in an ever-changing world.


This is a wonderful school. The teachers are amazing and my child is thriving. Their confidence is growing, which is something I was concerned about since the pandemic. This school experience is proving to be a healing opportunity for my child and I could not be happier.


a Holston Academy parent

Academics at Holston

Our educational philosophy puts students at the center of their academic journey. From day one, students are paired with an Academic Coach who acts as a mentor, working with the student to create a Personalized Learning Plan. Students receive one-on-one support from their teachers and are given the flexibility to work through their courses at their own pace.

How It Works




Upper School


Middle School


Part Time


Why Choose Holston?

A Personalized Education Designed for Your Student’s Future

Academic Coaches work with each student to create a Personalized Learning Plan based on their strengths, opportunities, interests, and future goals which is then shared with their teachers.

Flexibility Allows School to Fit into Your Student’s Life

Students are able to learn when they want, where they want. Our students pursue outside hobbies, interests, and passions all while balancing their coursework.

An Education Team Who Support and Mentor Students

Our Academic Coaches and teachers build strong mentor-mentee relationships with students, and work with them to support their learning and build future-ready skills.

An Accredited School You Can Trust

Holston Academy has been recognized as meeting the industry standards of excellence from outside accrediting organizations as well as earned NCAA approval and UC a-g course approval.

Who Are Holston Students?


Academic Coaches and near-peer College Counselors work with students to help them discover and plan for college. Our catalog provides college-prep, honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment online courses.

Student Athletes & Performers

Being in a non-traditional school setting provides flexibility to do coursework at a time that works best for each student. Student athletes can train and compete and student actors can pursue their passions.

Advanced Students

With the ability to enroll in a course that matches a student’s academic ability and not their age, gifted students are able to work on grade level in certain subjects, while working ahead in others.

Students Getting Caught Up

Our single online course offerings allow students to take a few courses during the school year or over the summer months in order to make up a course, and can be paired with online tutoring support.

International Students

Our online school enrolls students from all over the world, allowing US-based families to travel internationally while staying enrolled or students living abroad to benefit from a US-based education.

Part-Time Students

Students seeking a single course to enhance their transcripts can enroll in one or two courses and benefit from the flexibility of self-paced coursework and teacher support.

High school girl working on online school at Holston Academy


Homeschool students looking for an accredited education can enroll with us full-time or supplement their education with part-time and summer online courses to take advantage of our advanced classes or explore an area of interest.


Aspiring Olympic Skier

Trey knew he wanted to pursue alpine skiing in the Olympics from a young age, and finding Holston Academy has allowed him the flexibility to pursue his dream while still receiving an accredited private school education.


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