Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact our Admissions team at (833) 782-6922 or [email protected].


Are you accredited?

Yes, Holston Academy is fully accredited by Cognia and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Many of our courses are also NCAA approved and UC a-g approved.

Do you offer Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses?

Yes, Holston Academy offers many Advanced Placement® courses. View our course catalog for a complete list of AP® courses.

Where can I take the AP®exam?

For students enrolled in AP® course through Holston Academy, it is the responsibility of the family to find a testing location near them to take the AP® exam.

Do you offer college test prep?

Yes, we offer ACT and SAT test prep courses.

Is college dual enrollment an option?

Holston Academy has a partnership to offer dual enrollment courses through Arizona State University. Holston Academy will also support students with the application process who may choose to enroll at a local community college or university.

Are there textbooks and materials or is everything done online?

All coursework is done online with the exception of some elective courses and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses which require additional materials for students to purchase. Required materials for each course are noted in the course description within our course catalog.

How do science labs work?

Students take part in simulations and labs that require standard items found in most kitchens. In some cases, students participate in dry labs.

Do you offer NCAA approved courses?

Yes. Holston Academy has many NCAA approved core courses. View our course catalog for a list of the courses that are NCAA approved.

Do you offer UC a-g approved courses?

Yes. Holston Academy has many UC a-g approved courses. View our course catalog for a list of the courses that are UC a-g approved.

Do you offer College Counseling services?

Yes, students enrolled in our tier 2 program receive near-peer college counseling services. Students enrolled in our tier 1 prorgam or part-time students can add these services for a fee. Contact our Admissions Department for more information.

How It Works

How does your program work?

Our school is a vibrant community of families who value the flexibility of participating in an academic program that is personalized to meet the needs of individual students. Upon enrollment, each student is assigned an Academic Coach who works with the student and family to create a Personalized Learning Plan, which includes courses and a schedule for students to complete coursework at their own pace. Academic Coaches meet with their students regularly to review progress, teach study skills, and provide academic counseling.

Subject matter teachers guide students through the courses, providing grading, personalized feedback, and support along the way. Tutors are available to help support students on a scheduled or on-demand basis at an additional cost. Students are required to maintain continuous progress on a weekly basis, although they may skip weeks from time to time by arrangement with their Academic Coach.

Holston Academy is a mastery-based program. Students receive credit for demonstrating that they know the material required. They may test out of units they have already mastered or slow down to spend more time on new or difficult material.

Do you offer live classes?

No, we do not offer live classes, however, our teachers and academic coaches meet with students for 1:1 live support. Holston Academy’s courses are asynchronous, meaning students are able to work independently through their coursework at a time and pace that works best for them. Teachers are available for additional support at a time arranged by the student and teacher.

What learning supports do you offer?

Holston Academy students have access to one-on-one individualized instructional sessions with teachers, basic tutoring (for a fee), screen readers in multiple languages, built in interactive tools and scaffolding, audiobooks, and other learning support tools.

How much parent involvement is needed?

We encourage parents to be actively engaged in their student’s education. Engagement may take the form of reviewing student progress in the Learning Management System, attending meetings with their Academic Coach or teachers, or helping students with scheduling and time management.


How can I enroll?

Students can enroll anytime – no need to wait for the start of a semester. Submit a request information form or application form and someone from our Admissions team will be in touch with you to help with next steps.

What documentation do you need from my current school to enroll?

To enroll in Holston Academy, you will need to provide transcripts or report cards from previous schools. They can be submitted to: [email protected].

Do colleges accept online high school diplomas and credits?

Yes, Holston Academy’s accredited status with COGNIA and WASC ensures colleges will recognize and accept our high school diplomas and credits.

Is it possible to take one or two classes?

Yes, students are able to enroll in our part-time option to take only one or two courses. These courses may be taken during the school year or over the summer months. We do recommend checking with your school’s counselor prior to enrolling to ensure the school of record will approve taking courses outside of their current school.

If I go back to my old school in the future, will my credits transfer?

Holston Academy is fully accredited by Cognia and by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for grades 6 to 12. Most public and private schools will honor the credits earned at Holston Academy but it’s always a good idea to check with your current school before enrolling in courses.

Will my child receive a high school diploma?

Yes, students will earn a California High School diploma.

What is the cost of tuition?

Holston Academy provides two enrollment tiers based on the student’s educational needs. There are also add-ons that students may take advantage of. Please view our tuition page for more details.

What are the technology requirements?

We require a minimum of: A desktop or laptop computer running Windows (PC), Mac OS (Mac), or Chrome OS (Chromebook), a working microphone, speaker, and webcam, and a high speed internet connection with at least 10mbps download speed (test your connection).

Desktop/Laptop Configuration

Device Requirements

  • PC or Mac (Chromebook acceptable with limitations)
  • Windows 11, 10, 8, or Mac OS 10.12 or higher or Chrome OS
  • Intel® Pentium® CPU N3530 (or better)
  • OpenGL 3.2 compatible graphics with 1 GB VRAM
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 7 GB free disk space
  • USB 2.0 video camera
  • Standard laptop camera, headset with microphone or computer microphone and speakers

Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome – preferred
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Latest 2 versions supported

How do I request transcripts?

Holston Academy has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely. Please create an account and follow the instructions on their website by clicking here to complete your transcript request. For issues, please contact [email protected].

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. Tuition is due at time of enrollment. Tuition may be paid monthly, semesterly, or for the entire school year. If paying for the semester or full year, tuition will be prorated based on the enrollment calendar month of the school year. For summer and specialty courses, tuition is paid by course and in full. Failure to pay monthly and semesterly tuition within 5 business days of the invoice date will result in students restricted from access to courses and school system. Holston Academy may suspend your access to the online platform without additional notice if we have not received payment for service including but not limited to tuition, tutoring fees, and/or course materials. Failure to pay by the invoice due date may result in a temporary lockout from all school systems.

What is your refund policy?

If you choose to withdraw more than 15 days prior to your course start date: 100% refund less a 10% administrative fee. 1-15 days from course start date: 100% refund less a 20% administrative fee, and withdrawal 16 days or more after the course start date: No refund. Refunds are not available for Summer Course enrollments and Partner or Specialty courses. A formal request to withdraw must be submitted via email by the parent/guardian of a minor student or the adult student to [email protected].

Are there any additional fees with enrollment?

We charge a registration fee of $200 for full-time enrollment and $50 for part-time or summer courses.

Do you work with international students?

Yes. We welcome students from all around the world, however, students need to have a basic understanding of the English language to be successful. We accept TOEFL or students can take a Duolingo English Assessment to show proficiency in the English language.

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