Our Students

Holston Academy students benefit from an online educational experience that is both personalized and flexible. Their reasons for choosing Holston may differ, but each is able to thrive in the ideal learning environment created just for them.

Who Are Holston Students?


Students who have college aspirations thrive with a Personalized Learning Plan developed to help them meet their future goals, challenging courses to enhance transcripts, and college counseling support.

Student Athletes & Performers

Being in a non-traditional school setting provides flexibility to do coursework at a time that works best for each student. Student athletes can train and compete and student actors can pursue their passions.

Advanced Students

With the ability to enroll in a course that matches a student’s academic ability and not their age, gifted students are able to work on grade level in certain subjects, while working ahead in others.

Students Getting Caught Up

Students needing to get caught up in a subject can take a few courses during the school year or over the summer and receive an accredited transcript.

International Students

International students benefit from an accredited US-based education and US-based families can maintain consistency in their child’s education while traveling abroad.

Part-Time Students

With our robust course offerings, students have the ability to enroll part-time and add Honors or AP-level courses to their transcripts while maintaining enrollment in their full-time school.

High school girl working on online school at Holston Academy


Homeschool students looking for an accredited education can enroll with us full-time or supplement their education with part-time and summer online courses to take advantage of our advanced classes or explore an area of interest.


Aspiring Olympic Skier

Trey knew he wanted to pursue alpine skiing in the Olympics from a young age, and finding Holston Academy has allowed him the flexibility to pursue his dream while still receiving an accredited private school education.


Who Are Holston Graduates?

At Holston Academy, we take pride in nurturing graduates who are not just prepared for the future, but poised to shape it. Our graduates embody the essence of a holistic education that empowers them to excel in a dynamic and interconnected world. Read more about who our Holston graduates are.

Flexibility to Pursue Extra-Curricular Activities

Holston Academy students value the free time they have due to the flexibility enrollment in an online private school provides them. As a result of not being in a traditional classroom, students are left with free time to:


Many Holston Academy students volunteer in their local communities or get involved with worldwide organizations that spark purpose in their lives.

Pursue Internships

Upper School students pursue internship opportunities while in their junior or senior year to explore a career path of interest or help them get an edge on college applications.

Dive Deeper Into Hobbies & Interests

Whether it’s photography, creative writing, tennis, skiing, or starting their own business, Holston Academy students have the free time to explore interests outside of the traditional school curriculum.

Work at a Part-Time Job

The flexibility to do coursework at a time that works best for each student means the extra time for a part-time job, allowing students to save up for college, a car, or that fun summer trip with friends.

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