Spanish 6

Course Overview:

The main goals of this advanced Spanish 6 online course are for students to be able to express themselves spontaneously and write extensively on concrete and complex issues, supporting their opinions and developing hypotheses. Students will be exposed to movies, podcasts, music, art, and other authentic materials such short novels. The instructors will foster and support students’ ability to identify, discuss, and share their point of view in discussions of complex issues based on practices, products, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking countries. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of all the verb tenses and the content learned in the previous courses.

The central themes of the course are science and technology, literature, media and art, social movements, gender and human rights, philosophical thought, politics and religion, and Indigenous civilizations. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to discuss technology and innovations, research about topics of interest, share views on politics and religion, engage in philosophical discourse, analyze social movements, talk about the histories and cultures of Indigenous civilizations, consider gender and human rights, critique art and literature, and compose formal emails and argumentative and descriptive essays.

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