Spanish 1 (Live)

Course Overview:

This Spanish 1 live online course is an introduction to the language for students, with the main goals of becoming familiar with Spanish sounds and words, being able to introduce themselves and others, and  talking and writing about familiar topics and daily life. Students will learn through simple videos, songs, and other authentic materials such as signs and labels. The instructors will foster and support students’

growing ability to identify practices, products, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking countries.

The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of the present simple tense, including regular, irregular, and stem-changing verbs, as well as gender and number agreement. The central themes of the course are identity, interests, family and community, daily life, exploring outside, and personal

style. The student learning goals of this level are to be able to greet one another; introduce themselves; tell time; express likes and dislikes; ask and answer simple questions; understand and write short passages about familiar topics; describe their family and friends; name places, pastimes, and preferences; name weather and seasons; tell what people are doing; describe clothing; and plan a vacation.

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