Space Exploration

Course Overview:

This comprehensive semester long Space Exploration online course will examine the history and future of space travel. Find out how we have put people in space in the past, and what it will take for us to reach new frontiers, including Mars and beyond. In this course, students will learn about: The Space Race, a historical competition between nations which marks a significant milestone in space exploration, launch and landing systems that play a crucial role in enabling spacecraft to enter and exit Earth’s atmosphere safely, spacecraft systems that encompass the various components and technologies required for successful space missions, manned spaceflight that involves human presence aboard spacecraft and unmanned spaceflight, which refers to missions conducted without human crew, low Earth Orbit (LEO), which denotes a relatively close distance from Earth’s surface where many satellites and space stations operate, beyond Earth Orbit, which refers to missions and exploration ventures that extend beyond LEO, and targeting destinations such as the Moon, Mars, and beyond. 

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