Russian 1

Course Overview:

In this introductory Russian 1 online course, students will start from scratch by learning the Cyrillic alphabet. At this level students will be introduced to Russian culture and the diversity of the Russian Federation. Students will be able to read and write, as well as understand and use everyday expressions and very basic phrases to express specific needs. 

This introductory course covers grammar fundamentals like basic sentence structure, self-introduction, asking and answering questions, personal pronouns, expressing possession and negation, talking about age, learning numbers and counting, verb tense and conjugations, gender of nouns and adjectives, prepositions, introduction to the case system, and basic vocabulary. The students will be able to talk about basic conversations about their environment and life such as the grocery store, meeting new people, family, weather, professions, expressing wants and needs, free time, vacation, countries, nationalities, languages, hobbies, and talking about themselves.

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