Course Overview:

In this Psychology online course, students will explore the history of psychology and experimental methods, delve into personality theories, study human development from infancy to adulthood, and examine consciousness, covering topics like sleep, dreams, and consciousness-altering substances. Students further their understanding by exploring human and animal intelligence, learning theories with a focus on classical and operant conditioning, social psychology, and psychological disorders. The course encourages self-awareness throughout.

Semester A

In Psychology semester A the student begins with a brief history of psychologists and their experimental methods. Next they examine personality theories. Then human development from the infant stage through the adult stage is explored. Finally, the last part of the semester is about consciousness: sleep, dreams, and conscious-altering substances. Students are encouraged to increase their own self-awareness as they move through the course.

Semester B

Students continue to learn about psychology in semester B. Students examine the nature of intelligence in humans and animals, including the origin of intelligence and how to measure it. They learn about learning with an emphasis on classical and operant conditioning. Students also investigate social psychology and psychological disorders. They demonstrate their understanding by completing projects in which they play roles like teacher, parent, and psychologist.

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