Physical Science

Course Overview:

In this Physical Science online course, students will explore a wide range of fundamental concepts in physical science. The course begins by covering topics such as energy, force, Newton’s Laws of motion, machines, waves, and light. Students will gain an understanding of the principles behind these concepts and how they manifest in the physical world. As the course progresses, the focus shifts to lenses, electricity, matter, modern machines, and the relationship between physical science and the environment. Students will delve into the properties and behavior of lenses, the principles of electricity, the composition and states of matter, the workings of modern machines, and the impact of physical science on the environment. This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of essential principles and applications in physical science.

Semester 1:  

In Semester A, they will learn about energy and its various forms, as well as the principles of force and motion outlined by Newton’s Laws. They will also study machines and their functions, understanding how they utilize energy and force. The course covers waves and the properties of light, including its interactions with matter. 

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, students will delve into topics such as lenses and their optical properties, electricity and its fundamental principles, and the properties and transformations of matter. They will also explore modern machines and their applications. Additionally, the course highlights the relationship between physical science and the environment, exploring how scientific principles can be applied to understand and address environmental issues.

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