Course Overview:

In this online Paleontology course, students will begin by embarking on a journey through the fascinating world of ancient life. The course provides a foundation in geology, exploring the Earth’s geological processes and how they have shaped the planet over millions of years. Students will then delve into the study of life and adaptation, understanding how organisms have evolved and adapted to various environments throughout Earth’s history. The concept of natural selection and evolution will be examined, highlighting the mechanisms by which species change and diversify over time. The course will explore the intriguing topic of extinction and fossils, unraveling the mysteries of ancient life forms preserved in the rock record. Students will also learn about taxonomy, the science of classification, and how it is applied to understanding the relationships between different species. The world of dinosaurs will be a major focus, with students delving into the fascinating diversity and characteristics of these prehistoric giants. They will also explore other extraordinary creatures that roamed the Earth in the past. Lastly, the course will offer a glimpse into the field of paleontology itself, examining its history, current practices, and future directions. Students will have the opportunity to watch interesting videos from experts at The Royal Tyrrell Museum, a leading paleontology research facility, and discover how the field of paleontology continues to provide amazing insight into early life on earth. 

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