Middle School Physical Science

Course Overview:

The Physical Science Grade 8 online course is an introduction to the Physical Sciences and scientific methodology. The objectives are to impart a basic knowledge of the physical properties and chemistry of matter. Skills are developed in the classroom, and reinforced through homework reading, and interesting labs that relate to everyday life.

Semester 1:  

In Semester A, the course focuses on fundamental concepts in physics. Students explore the concept of energy and its various forms, as well as the principles of force and motion outlined by Newton’s Laws. They also learn about machines and their functions, understanding how they utilize energy and force. The study of waves encompasses the properties and behaviors of different types of waves. Light is another major topic, covering its properties and interactions.

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, the course further expands on topics in physics. Students delve into the study of lenses and their optical properties, including their use in vision correction and imaging systems. The principles of electricity are explored, covering electric circuits, current, voltage, and electrical components. The concept of matter is examined, focusing on its properties, states, and changes. The study of modern machines introduces more advanced technologies and their applications. Finally, the course highlights the relationship between physical science and the environment, exploring how scientific principles can be applied to environmental issues and sustainability.

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