Math 6

Course Overview:

Students begin the Math 6 online course with a review of how to use basic arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals. More complex concepts are built on these basics. Students learn how to express, work with, and solve problems using percentages. They also learn the similarities and differences between ratios, rates, and proportions. They apply these ideas to solving problems involving measurement. This semester ends with an introduction to integers, and how to perform operations on this number set.

As the course progresses, students are introduced to expressions, equations, and inequalities. They learn how to simplify, solve, and plot both solutions and solution sets on a number line. Building on these concepts, students are then introduced to the coordinate plane and linear equations. Students then learn how to apply what they’ve learned so far to geometric concepts like perimeter, area, and volume. An exploration of statistical concepts concludes the second semester.

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