Marine Science

Course Overview:

In this Marine Science online course, students will learn about a diverse range of major concepts related to the ocean. They will explore the intricate relationship between humans and the ocean, understanding the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems and the importance of conservation. The course will delve into the fascinating world of plankton, plants, and algae, examining their ecological roles and contributions to marine life. Students will study the incredible variety of animals that inhabit the sea, exploring their adaptations, behaviors, and ecological significance. The course will also delve into different marine habitats and their unique characteristics, providing insights into the complex interactions between organisms and their environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn about life in extreme marine environments, such as deep-sea trenches and hydrothermal vents, uncovering the adaptations that enable survival in these harsh conditions. The course will also touch upon the intriguing topic of intelligence in the sea, exploring the cognitive abilities of marine organisms. Lastly, students will explore future prospects in marine science, gaining an understanding of the current challenges and opportunities in this field of study.

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