Mandarin 6 (Live)

Course Overview: This Mandarin 6 live online course is designed for students to continue to build on and strengthen their knowledge of and ability to express themselves in Mandarin using polysyllabic words and traditional idioms. Students will examine authentic language materials, including novels (modern fiction), newsletters, websites, documentaries, TV shows, and movies; write multi-paragraph texts; express their own views and opinions; and understandlonger and more complex written language materials such as novels. Additionally, students will be able to speak Mandarin freely and clearly

and communicate at a native speaker’s speed. By the end of this course, students will have expanded their vocabulary to at least 4,000 words. The central themes of the course are family relationships and how these patterns differ between Chinese families and western families, academic plans (universities, majors, study abroad programs, and internships), career and life, how social media affects people’s lives, social phobia, international travelling, Chinese tourists in the world, what technology offers society, and healthy lifestyle.

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