Mandarin 5 (Live)

Course Overview:

This Mandarin 5 live online course is designed to help students understand language materials that are rich in subject matter and involve various aspects of work, study, and social life. Students will be able to communicate effectively and accurately with others on specific or abstract topics in various contexts and discuss or participate in discussions on general topics. By the end of this course, they should also be able to express their views and opinions on some topics fluently in real life at the discourse level, will grow their vocabulary to about 2,000 words, and will solidify and expand their basic grammatical knowledge. In this course, students will fully understand Chinese social culture and enhance their ability in cross-cultural communication. The central themes of the course are 10 places of interest in China and their historical origins, summer jobs and social practices, dealing with an emergency, the origin and development of traditional Chinese medicine, the development and influence of online shopping, the college application process, managing challenging situations with the right mindset, and the origin and evolution of Chinese characters.

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