Language Arts 12

Course Overview:

In this Language Arts for grade 12 online course, students examine major works of literature organized into thematic units. Each unit contains poetry, short stories, and a novel that revolves around the theme for the unit. Themes include the self, relationships, alienation, choice, and death. As students read these works, they have the opportunity to reflect on these important themes by writing in multiple modes and creating cross-disciplinary projects. Along this journey they will use technology, writing, reflection, vocabulary, research, and other academic and personal skills to help them learn to enter the world of their community, their country, and their world.

Semester 1:

In Semester A, students focus on utilizing language to express ideas, beliefs, and emotions, fostering independent thinking, and developing strategies to comprehend complex texts. They learn to communicate effectively for various purposes and actively participate in today’s information-driven society. Literature is used as a tool to explore the intricacies of the world and the human experience.

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, students explore the diverse cultures and writing styles encompassed in North American literature. They develop empathy towards the writings of different cultures, gaining a deeper appreciation for their perspectives. The literature of Europe is studied, reflecting the continent’s diversity and eclectic nature. The writings of Asia, Australia, and Oceania showcase rich historical traditions that have evolved over time. Through literature, nations with diverse cultural backgrounds are united. Lastly, the literary decisions made by Shakespeare illuminate the true identities of his characters. Overall, Semester B emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding, diversity, and the power of literature in revealing deeper truths about human nature.

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