Korean 5

Course Overview:

In this Korean 5 online course, students will learn to produce sentence-level language and create novel sentences in Korean. Students will be able to successfully handle complicated tasks and social situations in Korean and understand oral discourse of expanded descriptions. Students will be exposed to authentic source materials which include poetry (시조), web pages, journalism, folktales, novels, music, TV shows, and movies to understand perspectives of Korean cultures and history. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of collocations, complex predicates, and phrases describing tendencies and purposes.

The central themes of this course are personal and social attachment including Jeong (정), global issues, influences of media, Korean and world history, crime, traditions and rites from influences of Confucian ideas, cultural customs, and behavior. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to understand complex information from long and complex texts dealing with topics of personal interest or community interest; demonstrate an understanding of Korean language practices related to the historical contact with Chinese, Japanese, and English; recognize language variation based on regions, gender, and age; observe Korean superstitions; and discuss Korean cultural practices related to traditional and contemporary forms of special rites.

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