Korean 2

Course Overview:

In this Korean 2 online course, students will learn to communicate in spontaneous spoken and written conversations on both very familiar and everyday topics using practiced or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences. Students will be exposed to poetry (시조), web pages, journalism, short stories, novels, music, and movies to understand perspectives of Korean cultures and history. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of honorific and non-honorific forms, frequent auxiliary verbs, different interrogative pronouns, and different tense and modal markers.

The central themes of this course are family cultures, tradition, city life, shopping, hobbies, entertainment, travel, friends, jobs, manners, and Korean community. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to interview someone by asking simple questions; communicate a short message through social media; make polite suggestions; order food in a Korean restaurant and act appropriately; express their preferences on familiar topics; express how they felt and why they did things in certain ways; tell basic information about friends or family members, their daily lives, phone numbers, the

time, the date, and days of the week and months; and handle tasks related to personal needs like making an appointment or making a reservation.

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