Korean 1

Course Overview:

In this introductory Korean 1 online course, students will learn to read and write Hangeul, and to use basic Korean grammar and vocabulary to develop communication skills. Students will become familiar with Korean fundamental language patterns, be able to introduce themselves and others and speak, read, and write about their family, friends, interests, school lives and learning experience in Korean. Students will be exposed to simple videos, songs, and authentic materials to understand Korean cultures and history. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of the Korean basic word order (SOV) and basic pronunciation rules including a different tense marker for present and past events as well as sentence final particles and honorific forms.

The central themes of this course are identity, interests, family, school life, daily life, history (King Sejong, palaces), famous places in Korea, Korean food, and personal style. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to greet and introduce themselves; express likes and dislikes; share personal experiences and information about themselves and their family; describe their family, friends, clothing, places, weather, seasons, and food; tell what they are doing and did; and write a journal and short passages about familiar topics.

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