Italian 5

Course Overview:

In this Italian 5 online course, students will solidify previously learned concepts and vocabulary through extended conversations with the instructor on familiar and unfamiliar topics. Through the use of videos, texts and other authentic materials, students will deepen their knowledge not only of the language but also of Italian culture. The study of grammar will be alternated with the study of idiomatic expressions and dialogues taken from everyday life. The main grammar topics of the course are pronouns, future (simple and perfect), and conditional and subjunctive (present, past, imperfect and trapassato).

The central themes of this course are the environment, pollution, migrations, Italy in international news, colloquial registers, variation in the Italian language, and events in the past. The student learning outcomes of this level are to read and understand international news, present formally on the topics studied, communicate in a colloquial register, use past tense verbs correctly, and express their views on current issues orally and in writing.

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