Italian 4

Course Overview:

In this Italian 4 online course, students will receive a review of content of the previous levels and build on it with new content. This course focuses on developing students’ abilities to freely communicate in Italian through the use of interactive tools including video and audio. Students will continue to develop the four macro skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and their knowledge of Italian through extensive interaction in the language. In addition, students will gain cultural awareness and prepare to encounter more real-life situations outside of the classroom through discussions regarding videos, Internet research, cultural customs and behaviors, and reading authentic materials written in Italian.

This course is designed to help students develop their ability to communicate in Italian and prepare them to continue their studies in the language. The central themes will be based on holidays and traditions, emergencies and accidents, and Italian emergency numbers and institutions. The goal is that by the end of the course students are prepared to use their Italian language skills in real-life contexts when traveling to Italy or simply to appreciate the Italian culture in a global context by conversing regularly with a native speaker. The grammar focus will be the use of trapassato prossimo tense, verbs servire and bisognare, impersonal si, and pronouns ci and ne.

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