Italian 3

Course Overview:

In this Italian 3 online course, students will build upon and increase communication skills in the target language to exchange information on new and learned topics using phrases and simple sentences, which are sometimes supplemented by memorized phrases and sentences. Continued emphasis on high level oral communicative skills is stressed through constant conversation to further develop students’ Italian proficiency to handle short, everyday social interactions. In addition, students will develop cultural awareness and become prepared to encounter real life situations outside of the classroom through in-class discussions of videos, Internet research, cultural customs and behavior, and by reading authentic

materials written in Italian.

The central themes of the course are food, ingredients, recipes, measurements, travel, homes, rooms, furniture, body parts, and health. Students learning outcomes of this level are to be able to talk about instructions, recipes, and plans; make hypotheses; discuss art and music; identify body parts and talk about health issues. The grammar focus will be on the use of the imperative (instructions), future tense, present and past progressive, and comparatives and superlatives.

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