Italian 2

Course Overview:

In this Italian 2 online course, students will build on their knowledge from the previous course and communicate on learned and new topics using learned and new words and phrases. During each session, activities with the instructor may include learning new vocabulary, auditory and/or online activities, writing experiences, and conversation practice. Grammar topics will include present tense of irregular and reflexive verbs, introduction to the past tense, understanding the differences between and

effectively using potere, sapere, and riuscire (“can” / “be allowed” / “be able to”) in Italian.

The central themes of the course are daily routines, hobbies and sports, means of transportation, roads, buildings, clothes, colors and materials, and animals. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to ask for and give directions; talk about their city and describe their town; describe natural environments, animals, and people; and talk about shopping and clothing. 

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