Italian 1

Course Overview:

In this introductory Italian 1 online course, students will become familiar with Italian sounds and words, be able to introduce themselves and others, and use a variety of basic daily expressions. Students will be exposed to simple videos, readings, songs, and authentic materials. The main grammatical focuses of the course are the use of the present simple tense of regular verbs, irregular verbs (avere ‘to have’, essere ‘to be’, and fare ‘to do’), as well as gender and number agreement for nouns and adjectives.

The central themes of the course are greetings, school objects and subjects, family members, jobs, weather, identity, and community. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to greet one another; introduce themselves and others; use numbers to tell the date, time, price, age, and addresses; describe their family and friends; talk about the weather; and talk about peoples’ jobs.

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