Hindi 4

Course Overview:

In this Hindi 4 online course, students will build upon and increase the listening, speaking, reading, and writing from Hindi 1-3. Continued emphasis on high-level oral communicative skills is stressed through constant conversation. In addition, the students will continue to increase cultural awareness and become prepared to encounter real-life situations outside the classroom through in-class discussions of cultural customs and behavior, videos, and Internet research, and by engaging with authentic materials written in Hindi. Grammar topics include but are not limited to time expressions, comparatives and superlatives,

compulsion and obligation, conjunct verbs with करना होना, emphatic ही भी, conjunctive participle kar कर constructions, expressions with lagnaa लगना, subjunctive mood, the suffix vaalaa वाला, indefinite pronouns and adjectives, intransitive and transitive forms of verbs.

The central themes of the course are cultural and social issues, festivals, geography of India, seasons, weather, calendars, festivals of Indian communities, social, and cultural practices, and professional plans. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to understand written articles, speeches, and videos about prominent cultural figures; make decisions about where to eat or what to watch by reading and understanding movie and restaurant reviews; and write for personal enjoyment, or report on community events.

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