Hindi 1

Course Overview:

In this introductory Hindi 1 online course, students will be able to communicate about familiar topics and daily life. They will introduce themselves and others, greet others, express likes and dislikes, ask and answer simple questions, and identify Hindi sounds. They will learn about grammatical gender in Hindi and how to distinguish them. Possession and demonstrative pronouns will be introduced as well as how pronouns agree in number and gender with other parts of the sentence, and how Hindi verbs also change their form to agree with other parts of the sentence. Students will be introduced to the parts

of speech and word order in Hindi and will learn about the three forms of second-person pronouns (you) and how to use them correctly.

The main themes of this course will be colors, forming questions, giving directions, numbers, and prepositions. The goal is to have students become capable of producing and understanding sounds, simple vocabulary, and short sentences. Students will gain an understanding of the Hindi speaking world and the diversity of the culture and will begin to develop their Hindi proficiency through extensive interaction in the language.

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