High School Health

Course Overview:

In this High School Health online course, students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to lead a healthy life. 

Semester A

Semester A focuses on the impact of personal decisions on the student’s own health. Students learn how to find, evaluate, and use reliable information related to a variety of health topics. They also study the basic science behind nutrition, exercise, stress, and psychology, and examine how these factors affect a person’s overall health. Each lesson in the course guides students in applying what they have learned in the lesson to their own lives and choices—and gives them a chance to discuss the topic with peers and instructors.

Semester B

Semester B focuses on the developmental aspects of being human and healthy. Students learn about some of the more dramatic changes that the human body experiences from birth to death. They explore topics related to aging and sexuality and identify ways to remain healthy and safe throughout life’s major events and challenges. As in Semester A, this part of the course emphasizes what students can do to improve or maintain their own health and encourages them to be a positive influence on family and friends. Each lesson helps identify ways that students might use what they have learned in the lesson in their own lives. As in semester A, students discuss lesson topics with peers and/or an instructor.

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