Hebrew 4

Course Overview:

In this Hebrew 4 online course, the main goal of the course is to help students develop communicative skills in Hebrew, prepare for further study in Hebrew, and to equip students to function in a Hebrew-speaking culture. In this course, students will also use the language in meaningful contexts for personal enjoyment, enrichment and potential future travel, and appreciate the role of Israeli

culture in a global context through advanced conversation and reading.

The main grammar focus of the course is to learn the passive stems of Nif’al-, Pu’al-, and Huf’al- in present, past, and future; advanced conjunctions such as מכיון ש, אלא, מפני ש ,; and different types of Smikhot nouns. The central themes of the course are Israeli theater, drama, and holidays; Jewish celebrations; demographics in Israel; and music and movies.

The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to critique and share opinions about stories and novels, describe and explain how landmarks and monuments contribute to national identity, chronicle a series of related events in the history of their family, write a detailed and accurate family or community history, and narrate a story to an audience with dramatic effect.

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