Hebrew 2

Course Overview:

In the Hebrew 2 online course, the main goal of the course is for students to be more familiar with understanding general and detailed information; communicate in standard speech on a range of everyday issues; read about a limited number of everyday topics; write simple texts using descriptive language accurately; comprehend simple information when presented with pictures, signs and objects; and comprehend and write simple information about themselves, their family and friends, and their favorite places and hobbies. The main grammar focus of the course will be past and future tense of Paal; past, imperative, and future tenses; using the direct object marker את ,; using יש – אין with different pronouns; direct and indirect object pronouns; and numbers from 11 to 100.

The central themes of the course are time, weekdays, months, ordering at a restaurant, asking how to go somewhere on the street, talking to people on the phone, and travel. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to tell the time and date; talk about addresses, school, and friends; create a dialogue about themselves and others; express likes and dislikes about school and entertainment; make plans with friends; describe places they’d like to visit; arrange transportation; present songs, short skits, or dramatic reading about topics of interest; and plan a trip.

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