Greek 6

Course Overview:

In the Greek 5 online course, students will explore Greek language and culture in depth. They venture beyond their comfort zone and swim in ever deeper waters going back to early modern, medieval, and Hellenistic times! We read scholarly essays on history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and politics consulting ever larger dictionaries; compare Modern Greek to earlier versions of Greek; become familiar with Modern Greek dialects (Cretan, Cypriot, South Italian, Tsakonian, Pontic); and learn about some historical events which until recently were censored by Greek governments (the Greek civil war for example). The deeper we dig, the more discussions we have, the more independent research students

engage in, the stronger students’ Greek language skills become.

By the end of this course, students should know not only how to write Greek at an advanced level and analyze complex Greek texts, but also how to correctly reference their research “papers” written in Greek and give academic presentations. Under the Athenian sun, our students may one day realize as they move about freely from local kiosk to local market speaking in almost flawless Greek that an examined life is indeed well worth living. As a Greek you too have a historic responsibility to carry on the tradition of your glorious second language.

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