Greek 5

Course Overview:

In the Greek 5 online course, students will be able to use Greek language in flexible and effective manners for social, academic, and professional purposes. They will understand, process, and construct advanced forms of written and spoken texts, and can use humor and figures of speech as well as intuit other speakers’ intentions. This course will focus on the comprehension of various artistic genres and writing in various time frames. Students will be exposed to movies, podcasts, art, and other authentic materials such as news articles.

The grammatical focus of this course is a continuation of the previous course. Students will continue to study, practice, and use in context various verb forms, adverbs, cases, and passive voice participles, among others. They will study noun declensions that derive directly from ancient Greek words, such as those ending in -υς and ευς, and nouns with two forms.

The central themes of the course are modern and historical Greek fiction, visual and performing arts, narrative analysis, economic and environmental issues, travel and tourism, and historical figures. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to freely speak, read, write, and understand Greek using an advanced understanding of Greek grammar and vocabulary. They will also be able to share their points of view on Greek culture, complex issues, and personal relationships; analyze articles; talk about history and historical figures; and compose formal mail and persuasive and narrative essays.

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