Greek 2

Course Overview:

In the Greek 2 online course, students will expand their understanding of Greek grammar and

vocabulary through a diversity of projects and by writing a journal, reading simple authentic texts, improving conversational skills from simple phrases to short dialogues, sharpening interpretive skills, and studying Greek history and culture. The instructor will foster and support students’ growing ability to identify practices, products, and perspectives of Greek speaking communities, and to start comparing habits and traditions. 

The main learning outcome of this level is to communicate using basic language skills in everyday situations that require simple and direct exchange of information based on personal life, daily routines, food, tourism, and emergencies. Students will be able to communicate in short social interactions in a formal or friendly way, and they will understand the general meaning of simple structured texts and audios.

The grammatical focus of this course is learning the declensions of regular and irregular nouns, adjectives, and pronouns, as well as conjugating regular and irregular verbs in the active voice. The students will also be introduced to hypocorisms, numerals, and passive voice (simple present). The central themes of this course are travel and tourism in Greece (guides, maps, transport schedules, tickets, hotel reservations, and restaurant menus and price catalogues), Greek history and culture (types of museums, ancient and modern monuments, and cultural sites), everyday life (signs in shops and public spaces), environment (weather forecasts, descriptions of places, animals, and plants), food (Greek meals, and recipes), and ancient and present-day Greek history and culture (mythology, art, science, and architecture).

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