German 5

Course Overview:

In the German 5 online course, students will further advance their German proficiency through extensive interaction in the language with the instructor, listening activities and songs, popular videos, and writing assignments. In addition, students will become more aware and gain a deeper knowledge of the culturally diverse German-speaking world through documentaries, authentic text and print resources, and online research. Grammar topics will include alternatives to passive, time references and frequency, review of adjective declension, and subjunctive I and II. Students will also increase their knowledge of idiomatic expressions and figures of speech.

The central themes of the course are global and social issues, influences of media, history, culture, and crime in society. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to read and understand detailed accounts of international news or cultural experiences, deliver well-organized presentations about topics studied such as modern art or Internet journalism, incorporate appropriate idiomatic expressions into presentations, and express a detailed point of view in writing.

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