French 6 

Course Overview:

In the French 6 online course, students will reflect on culture and communicate, negotiate, and provide well-structured and articulated arguments on abstract, hypothetical, and concrete topics with the use of specific, sophisticated, and academic language. Students will be exposed to videos, songs, articles, plays, movies, podcasts, TV shows, and other authentic materials. The students will acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world while developing their communicative skills throughout the course.

The central themes of the course are the news, the environment, TV shows, the media, internet and technology, art, and society. The main grammatical focuses of the course are the passive voice, reported speech, the differences between indicative and subjunctive, connectors, and time markers. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to understand and take part in a debate; understand TV shows; write a section for a TV show; talk about anglicisms; read articles in the newspapers; measure the impact of technology; critique a piece of art; develop their opinion on various academic, professional, researched topics; and use proverbs.

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