French 5

Course Overview:

In the French 5 online course, students will be able to tell stories, argue, discuss various academic, societal (researched) topics with the use of complex structures, and compare French culture to their own through the study of Francophone movies, songs, novels, blogs, and articles. Students will acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world while developing their communicative skills throughout the course.

The central themes of the course are the education system, the in-person classroom vs the virtual classroom experience, francophone movies, songs, articles, family and friends, and French literature and its impact on society. The main grammatical focuses of the course are all past tenses (including literary past tense), subjunctive, infinitives/imperatives, reported speech, the causative faire structure, idiomatic expressions, adverbs, pronouns, and the use of most irregular verbs. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to do research and apply to an exchange program; watch, comment and discuss a movie’s plot and message; debate; give their opinion on various complex/societal topics; write a song; and read and understand French literature.

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