French 3

Course Overview:

The purpose of the French 3 online course is to further students’ language acquisition and to provide students with the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to enable them to communicate successfully in an environment where French is spoken.  

This course is based on the ACTFL standards and provides students with opportunities to expand their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as they create with the language and access various materials on generally familiar topics. 

Students identify the main idea(s) and details in texts, dialogues, and videos within a cultural context. They read and interpret authentic materials. They read, speak, write, and listen to short, cohesive passages in the present, past, and future times. 

Students extend their knowledge and understanding of the target language and culture(s). They learn the interrelationship of other cultures to their own by identifying behaviors appropriate in target cultures. Students will have a module exam after each module and will finish the semester with a semester exam. 

Each module will contain the following assignments and tasks: 

  • 1 Listening assignment  
  • 1 Writing assignment 
  • 1 Speaking assignment: Students will speak for about 2 minutes into a microphone and record their own speaking assignment. 
  • Journal entries pertaining to the topic of each lesson. 
  • 4 Fluency assignments: Students will practice their pronunciation, listen to different sentences and repeat those sentences. Students will record the sentences and send them for grading. 
  • Lesson quiz for each lesson 

Semester A

Major concepts include: Geography, government and politics, food, culture, daily routine, and travel preparations.

Semester  B

Major concepts include: Africa, Canada, role plays, your favorite Francophone trip, globalized world, and contemporary topics

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