French 2 (Live)

Course Overview:

This French 2 live online course is designed to help students express simple ideas orally and in writing with basic grammar and simple vocabulary, describe topics related to daily life, make comparisons, and talk about future plans. Students will learn from simple videos, songs, articles, and other authentic materials and will acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world while developing their communicative skills throughout the course. The central themes of this course are physical description and personality, jobs, clothes and styles, the home, the neighborhood and city, public transportation, and sports. 

The main grammatical focuses of the course are present, future, and imperative tenses; regular and irregular verbs; comparatives; superlatives; and prepositions. Expected student learning outcomes of this level include being able to physically and mentally describe themselves and their relatives; show their home to guests; compare people, places, and styles; make a tour of their city; use the future tense to talk about their future plans; and make hypotheses about the future.

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