French 1

Course Overview:

This French 1 online course focuses on developing listening skills by repeated exposure to the spoken language. Speaking skills are encouraged through recommended assignments using voice tools. Reading and writing skills, as well as language structures, are practiced through meaningful, real-life contexts. The use of technology enhances and reinforces authentic language development and fosters cultural understandings through exposure to native speakers and their daily routines.

Semester A

Students will embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of language and its role in connecting people. Throughout this semester, students will discover that anyone can learn a second language with dedication and effort. They will also explore how language adapts to different situations and how people truly appreciate your endeavor to learn their language. By the end of Semester A, students will understand that learning another language is not just about words; it’s about opening doors to new cultures and using language as a tool to solve problems in various contexts. 

Semester B

In Semester B, students will build upon their foundation from Semester A. They’ll further appreciate the profound connection between language and culture, recognizing that they are intertwined and inseparable. By the end of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of language as a powerful tool for bridging cultures, solving problems, and connecting with people around the world.

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