Creative Writing

Course Overview

In this creative writing online course, students explore various forms of writing, including word play, lyric and narrative poetry, prose poetry, and creative nonfiction. They engage in writing communities and workshops, fostering collaboration and self-publishing. They also explore mixed art forms that combine different artistic mediums for creative expression.

As the course progresses, students delve into plays, screenplays, and comedy writing. They explore different fiction genres and learn about character-driven plots, as well as the roles of suspense, symbolism, and theme in storytelling. They also explore newer forms of fiction, such as graphic fiction and other visual forms. Lastly, they focus on planning a novel, acquiring skills to structure and organize a longer work of fiction.

Throughout both semesters, students develop their writing skills, engage in creative exploration, and gain a deeper understanding of various forms of literary expression.

Semester 1:

At the beginning of the semester, students consider the importance of word play exercises in improving their facility with language while building a compelling and creative writing style. Focusing on word nuances and precision, later lessons guide students to write in a variety of short modes—including poetry, song lyrics, prose poetry, short short stories, and creative nonfiction. There are several opportunities for peer review in this semester, during which students learn best practices for participating in writing workshops, and then revise their work using feedback from their peers.

Semester 2:

This semester focuses on longer works of fiction: short stories, plays, and novels. Students learn basic techniques of plot and character development along with strategies for creating suspense and building a theme, and they have opportunities to write in several different genres. Lessons cover a few special topics as well, including graphic novels, animation, comedy, and improvisation. Students apply what they have learned about writing workshops and revising to the longer pieces of writing they create for this semester.

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