Consumer Math

Course Overview:

This Consumer Math online course focuses on the mathematics involved in making wise consumer decisions. Students explore the many ways in which mathematics affects their daily lives. The course starts out covering paychecks and wages, taxes, insurance, budgets, bank accounts, credit cards, interest calculations, and comparison shopping. It continues into the second semester with topics including vehicle and home purchasing, investing, and business and employee management.

Throughout the course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy, mathematical problem-solving skills, and practical knowledge applicable to everyday life. They will develop the ability to make informed decisions regarding money, measurements, and various aspects of personal and professional life.

Semester 1:

In Semester A, students will develop essential basic mathematics skills, including rounding and estimating. They will explore ratios, proportions, and percents, focusing on earned income, banking, checking accounts, budgeting, recordkeeping, living expenses, consumer credit, saving, and investing money. These concepts provide a foundation for financial literacy and practical money management.

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, students will delve into measurement, graphs, and maps, gaining skills in interpreting and creating visual representations. They will explore topics such as remodeling a home, taxes, insurance, owning and operating automobiles, traveling expenses, planning and budgeting for meals, wholesaling and retailing, and operating a business. These concepts equip students with practical knowledge related to real-world situations, such as home improvement, personal finance, transportation, travel, and business operations.

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