Building Maintenance Technologies

Course Overview:

In the Building Maintenance Technology online course, students will cover a comprehensive range of construction industry topics, including health and safety, essential tools, career exploration, and basic construction math. They’ll gain insights into various industry roles, job prospects, educational requirements, and salaries as well as in-depth instruction on carpentry, construction drawings, framing techniques, and building systems. Hands-on activities will reinforce their learning, covering topics such as concrete erection, plumbing, bracing, and masonry unit laying. The course will also prepare students for OSHA 30-hour certification and provide essential science knowledge for the construction field. Overall, this course offers a strong foundation and practical skills for a career in building maintenance and construction.

Semester A

The online Building Maintenance Technology course will begin with a focus on all aspects of the construction industry from health and safety to the tools that every construction professional needs in their collection. They will learn about the various roles in the industry as well as job outlooks, educational and experiential requirements, and salary information. Some activities will focus on career exploration to discover career options that best align with interests and talents. Students will learn basic construction math and how it is applied during design and building phases of projects. They will learn specifics about carpentry, construction drawings, framing floor systems, framing walls, and framing roofs. Throughout, they will establish a foundation for what opportunities exist for them in the industry.

Semester B

The second semester of the online Building Maintenance Technology course will focus on construction components, masonry skills, and OSHA. Students will learn about the various masonry and concrete skills as well as safety measures. Some activities will focus on real-world application of learned skills with hands-on components. Students will learn about erecting, plumbing, and bracing in relation to concrete as well as laying masonry units. Finally, students will learn important science skills for the construction industry and prepare for OSHA 30-hour certification.

CertificationThis course prepares students for the OSHA 30-hour construction certification. For more information go here:

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