Arabic 5

Course Overview:

In the Arabic 5 online course, students will understand the main idea and supporting details of authentic narrative or descriptive texts. Students at this level should be able to work around any lacking vocabulary or grammatical knowledge by using context clues.

The main grammar focus of the course will be expanding the vocabulary using the juthur (root) of words, adding attached pronouns to the different prepositions, Dameer elnasab, learning different types of Alfeal Almodaree such as Almarfo’ and Almansoub, learning Kana verbs and her sisters, and verbal nouns and verbal adjectives. Additionally, this course will focus on the particle inna, the passive form, additional forms of weak verbs, subject-verb agreement, and the place of the verb in the sentence.

The central themes of the course include calling to make an appointment such as at the doctor’s office, the bank, the post office, or customer service; placing advertisements in social media and newspapers; placing flyers on streets to buy or sell things; or find something or someone that is lost. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to perform all the language tasks of the advanced level with ease, confidence, and accuracy. Students will be able to provide detailed explanations and lengthy narratives in all tenses with linguistic accuracy.

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