Arabic 4

Course Overview:

In the Arabic 4 online course, students will improve existing language skills to a near-native standard in order to operate in a wide variety of situations. Students in this level should develop the ability to understand the language from a variety of registers, be able to communicate confidently and clearly in the language, and form a solid base of skills, language, and attitudes required for further study, work and leisure.

The main grammar focus of the course will be the different forms of dual nouns, case markings, ordinal numbers and cases of numbers, subjunctive, adjectives and descriptions, and verb placement. The central themes of the course are travel and discovery, the role of media, education in the modern era, discussing cultural feasts and celebrations, talking about social interactions, and discussing immigration and its challenges.

The student learning outcomes of this level are to understand the main idea and supporting details of authentic narrative or descriptive texts, and to show mastery of grammar to understand and use word order and sentence structure accurately in the present, the past, and the future tenses.

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