Arabic 1

Course Overview:

In the Arabic 1 online course, students will become familiar with basic language skills and to be able to

communicate and participate in very basic, everyday life situations. This includes common greetings, daily activities, telling the date and the time, and understanding very simple oral and written texts and specific information on simple topics. In this level students will write a short biography about themselves, providing information about residence and origin.

The main grammar focus of the course will be to learn the alphabet in its different forms, short and long vowels, sun and moon letters, gender of words, definite and indefinite nouns, demonstrative pronouns, personal pronouns, some question words, and an introduction to some verbs.

The central themes of the course are identity, family, friends, body parts, food, vegetables and fruits. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to tell numbers from 1-10, talk about pets and animals, describe weather, identify objects in the house, talk about their days and favorite sports, and express what they feel and why.

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