AP® US History

Course Overview:

In this AP® US History online course, students will embark on a journey through the complex tapestry of American history, spanning from the early exploration and colonization of North America in the 15th century to the present day. 

The content and assignments of this two-semester online course are structured to facilitate historical inquiry and to prepare students to take the AP® U.S. History test. Students will participate in discussion forums, write responses to long essay questions (LEQs), respond to short-answer questions (SAQs), interpret and respond to questions about primary source historical documents (DBQs) and take multiple-choice tests. Students will investigate the people, places, policies, and events that shaped the United States of America in the past century and into contemporary times. Nine time periods and seven different themes are woven into both semesters of the course to explore connections among historical developments through different eras and locations. These themes are America and national identity (NAT); politics and power (POL); work, exchange and technology (WXT); culture and society (CUL), migration and settlement (MIG); geography and the environment (GEO), and America in the world (WOR).

Semester A

In Semester A, students will delve into the formation of the New Nation, including the American Revolution and the challenges of governing the republic. The course continues with exploration of the expansion westward and the tensions leading up to the American Civil War, followed by a study of the Reconstruction era. 

Semester B

In Semester B, students will explore the transformative periods of industrialization, imperialism, and the two World Wars, witnessing America’s emergence as a superpower. The course then delves into the challenges and changes of the mid-20th century, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and domestic tensions. Finally, students will explore the recent decades, examining America’s journey into the 21st century. 

Throughout, they will gain a deep understanding of the historical events, movements, and individuals that have shaped the United States.

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