AP® US Government and Politics

Course Overview:

This AP® U.S. Government and Politics online course is a non-partisan introduction to the foundations and systems of the United States Government. This course will introduce students to key political concepts, ideas, institutions, policies, and roles of the constitutional system and the political culture of the United States. Students will read and interpret data, make comparisons and applications, and make evidence-based arguments from Supreme Court decisions and U.S. foundational documents. 

In this AP® US Government and Politics online course, students will embark on a comprehensive exploration of the foundational principles and structures of the United States government. Unit 1 introduces the basics of American democracy, from the function of government to the historical development of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Unit 2 focuses on the interactions among the branches of government, discussing the roles and functions of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the presidency, and the federal bureaucracy. Unit 3 explores civil liberties and civil rights, covering topics like freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as issues related to due process, criminal rights, and the civil rights movement. Unit 4 delves into American political ideologies and beliefs, including political participation, party identification, and the role of media in shaping public opinion. Finally, Unit 5 examines political participation in the United States, discussing the two-party system, third parties, party structures, and the electoral process, including congressional and presidential elections. Throughout the course, students will gain a deep understanding of the American political system and the principles that underpin it.

This online course includes a research project which focuses on major topics in U.S. government and politics. This is a one-semester-long course.

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